QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency™ | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom

QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency™ | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom
QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency™ | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom
QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency™ | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom
QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency™ | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom
QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency™ | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom
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Welcome to QleeQ™

Excecutive Decision Support System

Investors and Testimonials QleeQ™

QleeQ™ is an online automatic platform that scans the internet on Every issue and enables Decision Makers to query in a Natural Language about everything thus improves their value proposition. QleeQ™ presents the dashboard of results automatically, instantly and with no learning curve nor installations and with no human intervention at all.

QleeQ™ uses top notch, super advanced technology including but not limited to: semantics, statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Information Retrieval, and Textual Entailment for intentions, as well as heavy use of patented algorithms that mimic user rational to decide on the rank of the answer thus delivering our customers the best results. We are constantly winning awards and prizes for that.

QleeQ™ is a cutting edge, top notch award winning company with state of the art technology and people. The below sections represents several of our internal considerations when approaching a query. We are backed with several patents and trade secrets that maximize the possibility to deliver the best solutions for our clients. Obviously we will not discover our secret sauce, however below you can find some hints about what we take into considerations when dealing with delivering the best results.

We take great consideration of our business clients and assist them with the utmost secracy. The list above is a partial clients list and in each we address decision makers, chiefs, CEOs, Marketing managers and analysts, Brand managers and personnel and micro businesses and individuals that strive to understand what drives visitor behavior, identify aspects of campaigns that work and alerts about issues you need to address. QleeQ™ presents several compelling subscription packages for organizations and Decision Makers that enable the best utilization of our offerings. The packages are a function of how many users and how many monthly queries needs to accomplish the goals. read more at QleeQ™ Packages.

If you are an Investor, you will be very interested to read here that QleeQ™ had won several complling prizes and awards like Startup Weekend (endorced by IBM, Google, VCs etc.), BizTec (for best software algorithm) and ISN & TAU (a startup network and a university joint).
Moreover, from the below testimonials you can feel whom we really are: we are all about our users and constantly strive to make their daily work lives much easier with being always for the rescue and assisting with both crucial issues and small ones.
You can also read the news below from credible sources and referrences that shades more light on what we do. We plan to break through next year, so all the information ou can find in our website, is from the time we were on stealth mode which we find very impressive.

QleeQ™ Testimonials

"Thank you!! Your company is a joy to work with. That was the easiest most pain free transaction I have ever experienced." John G.

"The service has been spectacular." Jerry H.

"In this day and age to find the level of personal service, especially in the electronic world, practiced by your company is refreshing." Duke H.

"Your technical platform and staff are quite competent and very responsive! Thanks again for your assistance." Moses S.

"The products are great, but what impressed me the most was the service you provided." Jeff R.

"Thank you very much for your wonderful support, it's incredible." Kirpal S.

"I hold your company in the highest regard as far as innovation goes-- you folks are top notch. Thanks again! " Raj R.

"Your company is outstanding for prompt, courteous and outstanding services. I never hesitate doing business with you! " Scott Q.

"My decision to subscribe to your products had as much to do with your quick, accurate, and competent response to my technical question as it did with the software itself." Hugo B.

"You guys are great with your prompt response time." John W.

"Thank you for your quick help. Your customer service is great just like your product! " Joel R.

"This is awesome service." Aaron R.

"I'm impressed with your company as well as your ability to provide the means / skills needed to resolve the issue. Again, many thanks! " Genney D.

"Thank you for the assistance, it is nice to see software vendors supporting their products even for trial users." Dan M.

"You exhibited a wonderful example of good customer service, every business could take a valuable lesson from you." Steve L.

"Your customer service and dedication to your customers is superb!!! So many companies now have poor customer service, it is great to find a company that cares and does the right thing. You will have my business for a long time to come." David K.

"I am a visually impaired person, and I thank you for the extra time and effort you guys have put in to your products to make them accessible for the blind." Don S.

"This was the second time that I contacted support for assistance and both times I received fast helpful advice." Mark F.

"Thank you, you guys are the greatest. I am highly recommending your company to all of my friends." Max F.

"Not only are your products superb, so is your customer service. I cannot speak highly enough of QleeQ." Clarity S.

"You guys are quick to respond, accurate and genuinely interested in breaking the walls. I wish more places were like QleeQ." Daniel B.

"I have recommended your products to many of my friends and colleagues. I wish you the best of luck!!" Bashi E.

"You will have me as a customer for life. I will also spread the word to my friends of your positive customer response." Bill B.

"Your Customer Service has been great, and you're a company that I'd be happy to do business with again." Stuart M.

QleeQ™ Press Releases and Recent Media Coverage

These are the press releases we've issued over the years and where QleeQ™ Establishes Internet Presence. You may also want to search for topics using the search box on the top of the page.























Read more about Marketing Improvement, Brand Value Increase, Best Practices and Case Studies for more details, or contact us to get a quote

QleeQ for Decision makers

  • QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom Analyze Presence - Brand Managers
    1. Analyze current Brand Perception, Insights and public Intentions
    2. Analyze connections to other Brands in no-time
    3. Analyze users' behavior based on their opinions
  • QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom Predict Future - CEO, VP, Decision Makers
    1. Focus on Future Trends and perception of the public instantly
    2. Predict Trends and future moves automatically
    3. Conduct and monitor Campaigns based on Analysis
  • QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom Action Items - Marketing managers
    1. Get leads for possible Campaigns
    2. Analyze what the public and opinion makers think you and others should do
    3. Save on research and consulting, decrease TTM

Additional Resources

QleeQ - Internet Intelligence Agency™ - Brand Value Increase and Marketing Improvement based on the Internet Common Opinion

Our Motivation

QleeQ believes that the Internet has a Wisdom power that can answer questions, detect intention and present opinions about any issue. QleeQ™ harness that power and answer Natural Language queries - automatically, simply and quickly to assist in decision making w/o neither surveys nor searches nor spending much time and money.
QleeQ™ is a cutting edge, top notch award winning company with state-of-the-art technology and people. We love what we do. Come join our family :-)