QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency™ | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom

QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency™ | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom
QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency™ | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom
QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency™ | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom
QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency™ | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom
QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency™ | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom
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Best Practices

The brand and marketing industry is a collaborative and communicative field. We share each other’s words on social media platforms and house each other’s content on our blogs. It’s very community oriented The following eight tactics are brand and marketing mistakes that a lot beginners make, and I’m here to help you not look like a “newbie.”
1. Your content marketing strategy shouldn’t ever include you writing about your brand. Instead, you should provide valuable resources in the genre your brand falls in to. This creates a trust surrounding your image.
2. Think about what interests the majority of your audience and share any post from any author that would be useful to them.
3. You want to try different platforms but you need to be quick to get rid of the ones that don’t work for you.
4. Hone in on the voice of your content and don’t be shy to let inner human come out.
5. Write with your audience. Letting your audience feel like they are part of your company and/or content process makes them feel so important and much more likely to advocate for your brand. Ask for their input and topic ideas and then give them a shout out on your social media channels when you put their ideas into effect. Also, watch your posts with a hawk eye so that you can engage in the comments section as this is a great place to get their input. Collaborate with your audience members whenever possible.
6. Reach out to other bloggers. Blogger outreach and influencer marketing are crucial to your marketing process because bloggers are the influencers who talk about your brand word of mouth—the best kind of “marketing” a brand can get.
7. You know when you have written something good, so let the world see it!
8. You should never write a piece of content because you feel like you need another post. You should only write content when you think you have some worthwhile tips, piece of information or a unique view to share.

Currently, social networking accounts for 19% of time spent online globally. Four out of every five people who have access to the internet across the world use social networks in some form, many several times a day, some on multiple devices. With social networking being such a pervasive and integral part of the online experience, penetrating all aspects of consumers’ lives, it is vital for marketers to understand how their audience is reached through social networking and maximize the value of their social marketing strategies.

Insights on how brands can optimize their social marketing programs and evaluate their effectiveness using metrics that matter. Key highlights include:
• Planning, designing and executing effective social media strategies
• Understanding who your social audience is—demographics & beyond
• Measuring the performance of your social media
• Best practices from competitive brands within the social landscape
• Quantifying the impact of earned media using meaningful social media metrics

Here are our five best practices for brands:
1. Include rich descriptions along with your brands
When writing a description, use strong (common or popular) keywords, mention your brand name and utilize hashtags if you think they may help your discoverability—but be sure to not use them in lieu of an engaging description.
2. Keep search engines in mind when naming your images
Remember that your images don’t just live within your site – they are indexed by search engines so in order to maximize discoverability in the engines, make sure your image names agree with the search engine’s best practices for image nomenclature. Search success will require close collaboration between the content and SEO teams for your brand, as is the case with your content marketing across other social networks as well.
3. Use calls-to-action sparingly
User behavior should inform your strategy on any social network, given its unique position as a “save and return later” hub. Given this, calls-to-action (CTAs) and questions (e.g. “Tell us, what is your favorite chicken recipe?” or “visit our website to learn more”) do not have the same effect as they would on social media, for example.
In the occasional instance where using a CTA is appropriate, make sure that the directions you give are evergreen (your content might not be discovered immediately) and specific to the platform. Tune-in messaging, for example, might not prove ideal as content continues to receive views and engagement long after it was originally compiled. While this type of messaging performs well on delivering engagement, it should be used sparingly to avoid devaluing your brand’s image
4. Focus on evergreen content.
Your content is much less time sensitive than most social media content. While content is prone to being re-pinned over an extensive period time – keep that in mind to extend the “repinnability” of your images.
5. Think before you create.
Your brand intended to allow people to curate and elevate the “best” or most inspiring desires from the site’s ever-expanding library of images. For this reason, brands should be choosy with the types of traits they present. Are your brand traits interesting when it comes to its aesthetic feel or subject matter? What value are you providing to those who might see the content? If the target audience is generally the same across many platforms, and the brand is visually appealing, then cross-platform posting is a great way to maximize efficiencies across your broader social content program. However, if the audiences are vastly different or if the brand content is not particularly inspiring, then you should create new content that’s specific for each platform and audience. As is the case with any channel, cross-channel content deployment is a great option for finding efficiencies, but should not be the default approach, as not all content is best suited for any and every channel and so should not automatically be posted any and everywhere.

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QleeQ for Decision makers

  • QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom Analyze Presence - Brand Managers
    1. Analyze current Brand Perception, Insights and public Intentions
    2. Analyze connections to other Brands in no-time
    3. Analyze users' behavior based on their opinions
  • QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom Predict Future - CEO, VP, Decision Makers
    1. Focus on Future Trends and perception of the public instantly
    2. Predict Trends and future moves automatically
    3. Conduct and monitor Campaigns based on Analysis
  • QleeQ Internet Intelligence agency | Brand Value Increase | Internet Wisdom Action Items - Marketing managers
    1. Get leads for possible Campaigns
    2. Analyze what the public and opinion makers think you and others should do
    3. Save on research and consulting, decrease TTM

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