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Enter your Sensetense in an exact format please see below or at QleeQ blog
##sentence - present the exact % - sentence minus its negative - ##I Love America
!!sentence - considers the exact order of words in the sentence - !!Windows 7 is better than Vista
sentence~~2010 - presents the sentence in the year of 2010 (4 digits year) - Obama is a good president~~2010
?? sentence, sentence ??, part1 ?? part2 - completes and presents the 5 best results - ?? is the best laptop
sentence~~t - presentsentence~~t - presentsentence~~t - presents the last 5 years trend of the sentence - Oil prices will rise~~t

Mindtense-Minimum Internet Strength

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What is QleeQ Sense ™?
QleeQ ™ ranks your sentence according to the Internet's Common Opinion, or Internet's Wisdom. QleeQ presents an answer to an idea, phrase, opinion, question etc. all immediately, automatically and easily. a Sensetence ™ is – Thoughts, Opinion, Hobbies, (none) Facts, actually all that's  interesting. Hide

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